Private bathroom - 't huuske at Aldörrum

As an extra service, you can book this private bathroom (at a small extra charge). You recieve a key so the bathroom is exclusively available to you and your party during your stay at the campsite. Other guests can not use the wet room.

Especially for guest who are less mobile or wheelchair users, a private bathroom is a perfect piece of comfort. This very well-equipped private bathroom can be adjusted to suit the needs for our less mobile camping guests. And of course, a shower chair or a wheeled shower chair are there for you.

Aldörrum ׀ Aangepaste badakmer voor campinggasten

Wheel-in showers, grab rails

Aldörrum ׀ Aangepaste badakmer voor campinggasten

Alarm, wheelchair accessible washbasin.

't Huuske

Because the toilet is so everyday and not so stylish, there are all kinds of nicknames for it. So everyone knows the name 'the little room'. In the southeast of the Netherlands the nickname 't Huuske was long used. Usually it was a toilet outside the house and had a little heart placed in the middle of the door. In the Netherlands it was not until 1910 that it was compulsory that every house had a separate toilet. A bathroom was only from 1965 on required for new houses.

The interior of a hut of the peatcutters in De Peel.