Gerda and Carl

We are Gerda Hendriks and Carl Driessen. We live in the countryside of the ancient bell-village Aarle-Rixtel. We are environment-minded and nature conscious site managers. Some examples you will find under sustainable tourism.

You will find a warm and relaxed atmosphere, a spacious and comfortable place to sleep. And if you wish a hearty continental breakfast with products of our own yard. We know the surroundings, so ask us what you want to know.

Carl & Gerda, hosts of Aldörrum HoeveLogementen - camping Aarle-Rixtel Netherlands.

Our aim

We love to welcome guests to get in touch with nature and the outdoor life. If you are seeking the peace and tranquillity to help you unwind or the exhilaration that comes from energetic outdoor recreation, our accommodation in the kind-hearted part of the province of Brabant is an ideal base. We are blessed with beautiful landscapes and exceptional environments, so whether you visit us with a touring caravan, tent or dormobile, or if you stay in one of our holiday cottages or guestrooms, you can be assured of a warm and friendly Dutch welcome.

Wurrum? Aldurrum!

Why? Therefore!

Origin of the name

Oft ask guests what Aldörrum means.

''Aldörrum' is a typical expression from the southern part of the Netherlands. You pronounce it 'Aldurrum'. The meaning of this word we'll find most appropriate for our accommodation. Aldörrum means obvious. Of course!

Aldörrum means that some things do not have to be explained because they are só evident. They are as they are.

This also goes for our campsite and cottages. We don't need to explain why Aldörrum is situated on this place and why kindness, good hospitality, personal attention and quality are our key words.